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In search of an Export Director for counseling
I offer you a shortcut to network, knowledge and growth by being your partner in export-related tasks and include you in my network of good references on the local as well as distant markets. The package includes 37 hours of coaching and counseling monthly including introduction of your business to my network and to potential customers on near and distant markets.

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Nordic Open, Tallinn 

About Market select     
Dedicated to your success

We identify, select and arrange contact to new potential partners, whether customers, suppliers, sub-suppliers, distributors, agents, wholesalers, manufacturing partners and more.

We advise on export development, sourcing, assist with export measures and investigative work as Export Manager-for-hire, we are your sparring partner for strategy development and education.

We arrange targeted export promotion trips on selected markets for selected customers.

Market Areas
Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America

Helle Fuglevig”We take pride in sharing the knowledge, the experiences and  the ideas that we aquire in the interaction with dedicated companies and by working across industries and borders.

We value the wealth of ressources that are made available to us in the interaction with other’s souls and brains. This is our source of ideas, inspiration, new thinking and innovation."

Owner Helle Fuglevig

Market Select News

New employée
Market Select increases its staff with Bulgarian Emanuela Antova...

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Market Select in the press
Follow Market Select in the media. We have gathered news from Denmark and abroad...

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EU Ambassador
Helle Fuglevig has been selected EU Ambassador for female entrepreneurship...

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