With the seed we sow today we can plant a new  tomorrow

We help your company find new customers in new export markets.

We work worldwide and our customers are rom Denmark, the Baltics, Hungary, England, Ireland, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Mauritius, Morocco and Peru, and we have helped these customers enter new  markets from Scandinavia to South Africa, from Canada to South Korea. and from Chile across Argentina to Australia.

We identify, select and facilitate contact to new partners for your company,  being customers, suppliers, subcontractors, importers, distributors, agents, wholesalers, production partners and more.

We arrange meetings at home and abroad for your company and for your export manager..

We attend trade fairs abroad as your sales representative

We offer ourselves as an export manager-for-hire in your company in connection with export initiatives and export sales work, advice on export and strategy development or sourcing, and we can provide hands-on sales training for your employees.

We hold seminars, presentations, lectures and webinars on sales, marketing and export-related topics.

We build bridges between your company and your new customers in new markets


We want to be our customers’ shortcut to networks, knowledge and growth

Market Select wants to be a world class observer. We strive daily to fulfil the wishes and needs of our customers and potential
customers, and we strive at having excellent sources of information, so that we are aware of what is happening  in the respective industries in focus markets.
With a stronghold in our skills, endurance, credibility and commercial experience, and last but not least in our passion for our work, we want to be our customers’ trustworthy partner when they want to start export towards new horizons


Our mission is to create growth for our customers by increasing their exports and competitiveness.

In order to do so, we must:
• iIdentify their needs and demands
• Be well informed about what happens in their industry, in other companies and on export
• Be active in establishing relationships  on selected export markets.
• Identify and select the right partners on the right markets.
• Be able to open doors where others fail.
• Provide an outstanding service to our customers and our customers’’ potential and future partners in the start-up phase,
so that they may choose our customers as their future suppliers.