Ungarnske firmaer søger samarbejdspartnere

Ungarnske firmaer søger samarbejdspartnere

Ungarnske firmaer søger samarbejdspartnere

Macher Kft.

MACHER Engineering and Electronics Ltd is a German-Hungarian-owned joint venture, founded in 1991.
Main profile: cable confectioning, production of cable bundles, electromechanical assembly, electronical development
Main fields of product use: medical diagnostic equipment, industrial electronics, sensor industry, premium class automotive industry, recreational equipment, printing industry.
In 1994 Macher Ltd moved the company’s manufacturing to a new production facility made up of an 800 m² production hall and a 450 m² warehouse located in Sóstó Industrial Zone in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. In
2008 the production hall was further extended by 500 m2. After the initial period of wage work production, currently more than 80 % of our production to local and export markets is self-financed.

Our major export markets are Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark.
In 2009 a noted American multinational company did a holistic supplier audit at Macher Ltd. As a result of the audit our company is currently being added to the list of suppliers.
The production equipment of Macher Ltd. is state of art and the company continues to invest in new machinery. As a result of ongoing growth, the staff is growing as well. Currently 70 people are employed at Macher Ltd.

Prior to the economic crisis the company invested in innovative technology and created new employment opportunities. The purchased equipment increased our competitive edge by maintaining the high-level performance in production, Quality Assurance and packaging, improving efficiency, supporting product development and extending the range of use for our products.
It was a great moment when in 2000 Macher Ltd was awarded the National Quality Award for business excellence in the category of small enterprises. Then in 2009 Macher Ltd was awarded the National Quality Award for the second time in the same category.

Main references: SUINSA Hungary Ltd., Brunswick Bowling Ltd., Sick Ltd., FIFE GmbH, Limitor Hungária Ltd., CTI Industries., TOPAZE Intern. GmbH, Karsai Alba Ltd., KNORR-BREMSE.


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Bognár és Tsa Kft.
Hungarian company manufacturing metal structures: parts and components for the automobile industry, garden and street furniture, stairs for both indoor and outdoor installation. Their products can be delivered also with surface protective coating (hot-dip galvanization, electroplating, paint coated).

Website: www.bognar-kft.hu

Hungarian leading investment foundry and European supplier of ready machined castings. More than 85% of the production of the foundry is exported.

Website: www.magyarmet.com  

ATTIfree Kft.
a) Hungarian company producing a special odour eliminator system built directly in the toilet bowl is looking for partners in construction engineering, electronics, ventilation technology (retailers/distributors); contractors in the construction industry; importers.

b) The same Hungarian company producing packaging material is looking for partners who need paperboard /corrugated carton packaging for their products, e.g.:

Food producerscollecting boxes
Beverage producersdecor boxes
Producers of electronic devicesprotective boxes
Agriculture, food processing industrycases or boxes for fruits/vegetables
Supermarket chainsdisplays, presentation desks

Website: www.attifree.hu , www.medapack.hu

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Deák és Tsa Kft.
Hungarian construction company specialised in mechanical engineering and installations is looking for main contractors in the construction sector as a partner or subcontractor.

Main activities:

  • Mechanical engineering of pipe network and equipments (water, gas, watercourse, central heating and cooling and air engineering);
  • Purchase of necessary materials and products, assembly, installations and adjustment of the system;
  • Installation of different industrial, technological pipeline networks, boilers, boiler rooms and heating centrals;
  • Accomplishment of complete mechanical engineering of projects as main contractor; 
  • Execution of local installations as subcontractors.

Website: www.deakgepesz.hu

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Delta-Tech Kft.
Hungarian company designing and manufacturing assembly /production lines and special purpose machines is looking for partners from the automotive industry and automotive suppliers, or companies from other – for example electronical, chemical – industry who needs for their activity. They are also looking for cooperation with companies making similar activity to theirs.

Main activities:

  • complete assembling and producing lines,
  • manipulators, robot technology,
  • IT solutions,
  • packing technologies and system integration

Website: www.deltatech.hu

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Eurohód Kft.
Hungarian textile company producing protective clothes (against electromagnetic radiation, fire and antibacterial clothes), and dealing with development and production of innovative and intelligence clothes is looking for partners, first of all larger factories where protective clothes are needed: electronics industry, telephone and grid manufacturers and other factories or stores where workwear, streetwear and sportswear are needed, etc.

Website: www.eurohod.hu

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BatchControl Kft.
Hungarian company specialised in batch control is looking for the following partners:

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical production companies applying batch control processes for reactors
  • Food processing companies (e.g. beer), building material production companies (e.g. cement) applying similar technologies
  • Engineering companies working for the pharma industry (Like Jacobs from Italy, Tecnimont from Belgium)

Website: www.batchcontrol.hu

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Holes Kft.
Hungarian company dealing with milling and distributing industrial plastics and manufacturing a large variety of plastic components is looking for partners, first of all machinery producers (for example in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging, agriculture, software, etc.)


  • Engineering plastics: tubes, rods, sheets and plates
  • Plastic bearings, seals, gears, sprockets, cams, paddles, trundles, conveyor stars, mechanical elements (spacers, motherboards), etc.

Website: www.holes.hu

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Kóródi Adótanácsadó Centrum – Hotel Flóra
Hungarian conference hotel owner is looking for partnership with tour operators. (more info later on)

Silex Kft.
Hungarian controller manufacturer company (their main products are the industrial controls of different types and functions as general purpose PLC-s or special controls e.g. for vehicle industry, military, building automation or unique controls) is looking for partners:

  • system-integrators of industry and building-automation
  • machine and motor vehicle industry and medical electronic manufacturers
  • military electronic end-users
  • suppliers of oil and gas industry (complete measuring systems)

Website: www.silex.hu