Estiske firmaer søger

Estonian companies seeking partners

Estiske firmaer søger

Market Select has a wide selection of profiles of Estonian manufacturers of almost everything. Please contact us at or phone +45 86 800 390 for a suitable profile of a potential sub-supplier or manufacturer for you.

Netgroup – CRM and billing solutions for utilities
Synerall is a modern and advanced CRM and billing solution for utilities that maximizes the return from the customer base of the utility. The world is moving towards smart energy and smart metering. New challenges are facing utilities in the energy sector. The Market needs to know, how energy is produced and delivered. Synerall is coherent with EU requirements for software solutions of utilities and also provides modern software solution for the energy, gas, heating and water utilities. The solution is modular and scalable and can be built according to the business needs. Synerall is suitable for smaller municipality as well as for large energy companies. Our philosophy is to provide easy and transparent business application services for companies being active on the energy market. By 2010, Synerall System is up running for more than 60.000 Smart Meter Customers. Synerall is developed by Net Group who is looking for resellers and partners in Denmark.

Viking Windows – window manufacturer

RPM Loghomes
– loghouses

– wooden cottages in prefab elements

– wooden houses in prefab elements

– wooden houses and apartments in prefab elements and modules

A Warehouse
– steel structures for industrial and agricultural buildings

Valent – sweaters and knitwear in traditional Norwegian style

– printhouse

Ati Profil
– skirting profiles for Coloured PVC flooring

– SCADA systems, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Pentamet – metal expansion joints

Balti Trafo
– transformers

– transportation and shipping

Voru Empak
– upholstered furniture

– agricultural mashineries

– large steel constructions for habours, oil and offshore, pulp and paper

BLRT Marketex
– largest manufacturer and exporter in Estonia of steel structures from carbon steel (including HARDOX and WELDOX) and stainless steel.

– one of Europes biggest manufacturer of joint sealants and insulating foams

Liewenthal Electronics – embedded software-developer.

Hanza Tarkon – boxbuidling, electronic and mechanical engeneering

Koriks-Fiiber – reinforcd glasfiber products such as canoes, hottubs etc

Vertex Estonia – engeneered steel constructions for antennas for satellite communication, pulp and paper industry, oil- and offshore, industrial buildings etc.

Ritsu – loghouses

Jalax – contract furniture in steel and metal for libraries, schools etc.

Benecombi – Exporter of Estonian manufactured wooden articles

Palktare – wooden houses, thermo loghouses

Tretimber– heat treated wood for exterior finishing and decks

Aquator – spas for wellness centres, water treatment cliniqs and high end private market

Paisuots – custommade wooden furniture inclduing garden furniture

Pinest – wooden profiles and lists for window, door and stair manufacturing industry

Estiko Plastar – plastic packaging materials, laminates for food industry, construction materials etc.

Toci OÜ is a company that offers metal works and laser cutting for metal. Every month our workshops produce more than 50 tons of various metal products for the Estonian and Scandinavian market.

Our everyday work includes preparing various forestry vehicles, industrial equipment, tractors, containers, building structures and other metal details. As we are primarily specialised in producing for engineering industry, we can provide our clients with integral solutions. The finished products are painted or covered with zinc as wished by the client. We also offer favourable transportation solutions for our products within Estonia and Europe.

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