Know how


There is a significant difference in knowing how to and being able to…

At Market Select our most important task is to establish valuable contacts between manufacturers and customers, so that both parties obtain the best possible competitive position.

With a background in export engineering, Market Select has a holistic approach to solving problems. We combine and translate natural sciences, technical, mercantile, economic and language aspects into an integrated, practical, problem-solving approach.

Our technical backgrounds provide us with the ability to easily acquire knowledge about new products – and to market them under the chosen language- andcultural conditions.

Inall technical and commercial working areas,we communicate clearly and precisely in Danish,English, French, Spanish and German – in speech as well as in writing.

Ten years of experience in servicing customers across industries and borders have given us a considerable know-how in disciplines such as managing customer relationships and contacts, meeting techniques, field and phone sales, negotiations, writing and reviewing contracts, work conditions incl. environmental, social and safety aspects, production methods and processes, market analysis, marketing, consulting, the influence of international economical and political conditions on market demand, product presentation, communication, and last but not least: an invaluable insight into people and cultures.

Through many years of working in field sales and with consultancy, we have developed a high degree of feel for people and situations. We are determined to accomplish our goals, we negotiate on all levels, and we constantly increase and enrich our capability to interact through our daily work, dealing with many different personalities.

A detailed description of our exact skills and experience can be downloaded here.

”At Market Select we are happy, we have a positive attitude and we work hard. We easily establish and maintain good contacts. We appreciate that people are different: mentally, emotionally and psychologically. We understand that people see the world as they are, not asit really is, and we accept our own limitations in our conception of the whole.