Partner Search and Matchmaking

We identify, select and arrange contact to new potential partners, whether customers, suppliers, sub-suppliers, distributors, agents, wholesalers, manufacturing partners and more. 

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Export Promotion Trip

We arrange targeted export promotion trips on selected markets for selected customers. 

We have arranged and accompanied  Danish groups of companies within the agro sector  to Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We have arranged export promotions trips to Denmark, Norway and Sweden for Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian, Italian, Mauritius, Mexican and Ukrainian delegations within the food, agro, textile, furniture, dentistry, and industrial sectors.

We work worldwide and within most sectors.

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Market Analysis

We take pride in sharing the knowledge, the experiences and  the ideas that we aquire in the interaction with dedicated companies and by working across industries and borders.We value the wealth of ressources that are made available to us in the interaction with other’s souls and brains. This is our source of ideas, inspiration, new thinking and innovation.

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We fill up your pipeline with new leads, we advise on export development, sourcing, leads generation, assist with export measures and investigative work as Export- Manager-for-hire; we are your sparring partner for strategy, development and education, network, knowledge and growth.

We assist at international Expos as your hired in sales representative, speaking several languages, see more here

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