World Pork Expo in Iowa June 2008

World Pork Expo in Iowa June 2008

The 20th Annual World Pork Expo was held June 5-7, 2008 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The event was a huge success, with thousands of producers and industry professionals from all over the world in attendance.

Market Select assisted a this year’s World Pork Expo in Iowa in Ikadan System USA’s booth. Ikadan System is an innovative supplier of injection moulded plastic equipment systems for pig housing. Ikadan System A/S has developed and marketed plastic slats and modular flooring systems with great success for the past 20 years. – The Ikadan Ultraflex Flooring System is sold in more than 30 countries world-wide.

Ultraflex Slatted Flooring – from farrowing pens to finisher pens

Flooring solutions that combine different designs and materials are essential in today’s demanding pig production facilities. This is particularly critical in farrowing rooms, where sow and piglets are kept in the same environment, yet optimum temperatures can differ by 30 º F. Ikadans combination cast iron and plastic slatted flooring with options of solid plastic or hot water heated creep areas, offer a slip-resistant heat conducting metal under the sow and the warmer plastic where the pig rest.

Multiflex Panel Systems

Three years ago Ikadan System A/S started developing a modular pen system, the Multiflex Panel System for farrowing, nursery and finisher pig housing. The panels are produced as 35 mm as well as 50 mm walls. The Multiflex system is now available in half-open and open versions and with plastic fittings where possible.

Pen systems of the future require functionality, rustproof materials, quick and easy installation, as well as increasing requirements for hygiene and working environment. 

The Multiflex Panel System has been developed having those requirements in mind. Ikadan is equipped with modern production machinery and most work stages proceed automatically, assuring that Multiflex is available at competitive prices.

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