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Hungarian trade mission to Denmark

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Hungarian Trade Mission to Denmark

ITD Hungary Zrt
/ Enterprise Europe Network has contracted Market Select to coordinate and work out the meeting agenda for each of the 10 Hungarian companies, that visit Denmark 3-5 September 2008.

The Hungarian companies offer themselves as potential suppliers and subsuppliers to Danish companies, and they are ready to pay your company a visit to introduce you further to their services, competences and products. There will be held a fixed venue in terms of a smaller match-making event on Wednesday September 3rd in Agro Buiness Park in Tjele by Viborg between 14.30-17.00 PM. Here, interested Danish companies can meet with one or more of the Hungarian companies and hear more on the Hungarian market. Please notify your participation in this event by sending an email to helle@marketselect.dk and inform of which companies that you plan to meet with.

Danish companies that would like a meeting with one or more of the Hungarian companies in your own premises are requested to contact Market Select at your ealiest convenience on  helle@marketselect.dk or by phone:  86 800 390 for booking of a date and time.

Here is a short description of each company:

01. ATTIfree Kft.
02. Deák és Tsa Kft.
03. Delta-Tech Kft.
04. Eurohód Kft.
05. Macher Kft.
06. BatchControl Kft.
07. Bognár és Tsa Kft.
08. Holes Kft.
09. Kóródi Adótanácsadó Centrum – Hotel Flóra
10. Silex Kft.

Short company descriptions:

1. ATTIfree Kft.

a) Hungarian company producing a special odour eliminator system built directly in the toilet bowl is looking for partners in construction engineering, electronics, ventilation technology (retailers/distributors); contractors in the construction industry; importers.

b) The same Hungarian company producing packaging material is looking for partners who need paperboard /corrugated carton packaging for their products, e.g.:

Food producers collecting boxes
Beverage producers decor boxes
Producers of electronic devices protective boxes
Agriculture, food processing industry cases or boxes for fruits/vegetables
Supermarket chains displays, presentation desks

Website: www.attifree.hu , www.medapack.hu

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2. Deák és Tsa Kft.

Hungarian construction company specialised in mechanical engineering and installations is looking for main contractors in the construction sector as a partner or subcontractor.

Main activities:

  • Mechanical engineering of pipe network and equipments (water, gas, watercourse, central heating and cooling and air engineering);
  • Purchase of necessary materials and products, assembly, installations and adjustment of the system;
  • Installation of different industrial, technological pipeline networks, boilers, boiler rooms and heating centrals;
  • Accomplishment of complete mechanical engineering of projects as main contractor; 
  • Execution of local installations as subcontractors.

Website: www.deakgepesz.hu

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3. Delta-Tech Kft.

Hungarian company designing and manufacturing assembly /production lines and special purpose machines is looking for partners from the automotive industry and automotive suppliers, or companies from other – for example electronical, chemical – industry who needs for their activity. They are also looking for cooperation with companies making similar activity to theirs.

Main activities:

  • complete assembling and producing lines,
  • manipulators, robot technology,
  • IT solutions,
  • packing technologies and system integration

Website: www.deltatech.hu

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4. Eurohód Kft.

Hungarian textile company producing protective clothes (against electromagnetic radiation, fire and antibacterial clothes), and dealing with development and production of innovative and intelligence clothes is looking for partners, first of all larger factories where protective clothes are needed: electronics industry, telephone and grid manufacturers and other factories or stores where workwear, streetwear and sportswear are needed, etc.

Website: www.eurohod.hu

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5. Macher Kft.

Hungarian company dealing with cable confectioning, electromechanical assembly and electronic development is looking for partners for subcontracting with larger companies in the following sectors:

  • medical technology
  • automotive industry
  • sensor industry
  • entertainment industry
  • security systems
  • printing industry
  • industrial electronics

Website: www.macher.hu

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6. BatchControl Kft.

Hungarian company specialised in batch control is looking for the following partners:

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical production companies applying batch control processes for reactors
  • Food processing companies (e.g. beer), building material production companies (e.g. cement) applying similar technologies
  • Engineering companies working for the pharma industry (Like Jacobs from Italy, Tecnimont from Belgium)

Website: www.batchcontrol.hu

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7. Bognár és Tsa Kft.

Hungarian company manufacturing metal structures and dealing with metal processing is looking for partners, especially industrial and agricultural machine manufacturers in need for their product.

Their main activities are manufacturing of light welded steel structures: parts and components for the automobile industry pressure vessel, different other machine parts, garden furniture, stairs for both indoor and outdoor installation. Their products can be delivered also with surface protective coating (hot-dip galvanization, electroplating, paint coated).

Website: www.bognar-kft.hu

8. Holes Kft.

Hungarian company dealing with milling and distributing industrial plastics and manufacturing a large variety of plastic components is looking for partners, first of all machinery producers (for example in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging, agriculture, software, etc.)


  • Engineering plastics: tubes, rods, sheets and plates
  • Plastic bearings, seals, gears, sprockets, cams, paddles, trundles, conveyor stars, mechanical elements (spacers, motherboards), etc.

Website: www.holes.hu

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9. Kóródi Adótanácsadó Centrum – Hotel Flóra

Hungarian conference hotel owner is looking for partnership with tour operators. (more info later on)

10. Silex Kft.

Hungarian controller manufacturer company (their main products are the industrial controls of different types and functions as general purpose PLC-s or special controls e.g. for vehicle industry, military, building automation or unique controls) is looking for partners:

  • system-integrators of industry and building-automation
  • machine and motor vehicle industry and medical electronic manufacturers
  • military electronic end-users
  • suppliers of oil and gas industry (complete measuring systems)

Website: www.silex.hu

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