From pigpen to ball room…

At Market Select we are familiar with most industries. During the last ten years, we have worked with export, field sales and consultancy and obtained a broad knowledge of many sectors – in Denmark as well as abroad.

We constantly update and increase our knowledge of market conditions in the industries, with which we work, and we take pride in being able to convert the sum of our knowledge into practical use for our customers.

The assignments carried out for Danish companies and manufacturers range widely: from establishing contact to agents in the new EU countries for food processing equipment, sales of spare parts as a direct supplier to Valeo, analysis of the British and Irish market for windows, establishing contacts to agents for arts and crafts, to export promotion in Mexico for Danish manufacturers of equipment for the pork industry.

Tasks done for Estonian companies are primarily sales of products or sub-supplies within wooden crafts and consturction components, IT, textiles and consumer goods to Norway and Denmark.

Market Select always stays informed about the developments and trends in the pork sector in Latin America. Through newsletters, exhibitions and congresses and via our network of local industry experts, Market Select has built up a unique know-how of the pork industry in selected Latin American countries, and we constantly strive to expand our network and increase our knowledge. Several of the markets in Latin America hold a great potential for growth and modernization, and in the years to come, the export possibilities for Danish technology within the Latin American pork industry will be numerous.

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