It is the sum of knowledge, skills and the will to do it that determines the result…

Market Select has a solid foundation when it comes to export development, partner search and industrial matchmaking. In addition, we have the necessary skills and determination to assist small and medium-sized companies through-out their phases of maturing and developing their export business.

Our product offering is developed in close co-operation with our customers and therefore tailored to their needs. You can trust that Market Select is a competent partner under constant development.  Know-how and willpower form the base of our good results – and we are not afraid to jump in where the water is deep, because that’s when we learn to swim.
Our core products:

Partner search in the form of direct customers, suppliers, sub-suppliers, agents, distributors, wholesalers etc.


Export Manager-for-hire

Industrial monitoring of selected markets and industries

Export promotion

Planning of excursions and meetings with Estonian or other foreign manufacturers for interested parties, i.e. trade organizations, associations, technical schools etc.

Relaying/communication of market information, competitive analyses, market analyses etc.

Receiving foreign customers, distributors and agents in Denmark, on behalf of – and in co-operation with – Danish companies. Planning a program for the visit.

Development of competencies – through seminars, strategy days, sparring with the export department etc.

Temporary work in the export or purchasing department as replacement in connection with temporary leaves of employees

Planning of meetings for your export representative on selected markets

Participating in meetings

Participation in trade shows and exhibitions